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Jeff Saturday Can Be A Real Life Ted Lasso

Photo: Rob Carr

Today on The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon, Jason and Mike react to Jeff Saturday’s first press conference as head coach of the Colts. Saturday wasn’t selling anything he wasn’t, but the guys believe that people that can inspire — al la Ted Lasso — can have an effect on players and make a player the best version of themselves. The guys explain to you the ways the Jeff Saturday experience and the “Ted Lasso” effect can be successful!

Jason Smith: “Masterminds win in the NFL, but so can inspirers, right? The Ted Lasso effect is real. If you’re a head coach and you’re able to make a player the best version of himself, you can win. A happy player is a good player. When you know how to play already, you can be the CEO type coach and inspire, and that can work. I’ve seen it work. And you talk about a guy who has coached High School football. He’s like a real life Ted Lasso, except an NFL coach!”
Mike Harmon: “Jeff Saturday actually played football at a high level. He’s a guy who’s a known quantity in the league, certainly in the locker room and is able to be straight up with people and cut through everything else.”