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The Colts Are Obviously Tanking Now

Photo: Michael Hickey

According to a report by NFL insider Tom Pelissero, the Indianapolis Colts have appointed 30-year-old pass game specialist/assistant quarterbacks coach Parks Frazier to call the offensive plays this week against the Las Vegas Raiders. To Dan, it feels like they’re pulling an audio/visual guy from the tape room and handing him the reins. It’s just another indicator that owner Jim Irsay may, in fact, be trying to tank the season instead of fielding a competitive team.

Dan Patrick: “The Colts are expected to have a 30-year-old game specialist/assistant quarterbacks coach call the offensive plays against the Raiders. They fired their Offensive Coordinator. This feels like this might be audio-visual guy, where they’re just saying, ‘Hey Jimmy, c’mon in. Do you know anything about our offense?’ 

‘Uh, I’ve watched some highlights.’ 

‘Alright, that’s close enough.’

You got to be tanking, right? At this point, like, c’mon! I got Nick Foles there, have Nick Foles play...Everybody says the same thing about Jeff Saturday, he’s a wonderful person. Should he be the head coach of the Colts right now? And the answer is: no.”