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Is It Time to Shut Aaron Rodgers Down for the Rest of the Season?

Photo: Patrick McDermott

Mike Harmon: “I wonder tonight if because of his thumb injury, the 4-7 record, lack of urgency and demeanor, if Aaron Rodgers is a few weeks out from shutting it down for the season... Certainly the body language didn’t look like a guy who was having fun out there. He looked like he was recognizing this season could be lost.”
Dan Beyer: “I don’t think Aaron Rodgers would quit, but it sounds like he’s at his whit’s end. When he was so wishy-washy about coming back a few years ago, it rubbed me the wrong way that he finally decided to come back only when he was offered $50 million from the Packers... I start to wonder if he’s in that same place right now, his tank is empty and he’s over the drama that’s gone on in Green Bay.”

Mike Harmon and Dan Beyer discuss the Green Bay Packers loss against the Tennessee Titans in Week 11, and ponder if this could be the end of the road for Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay. Listen to the full segment above!