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Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers Are Playing For Their NFL Lives

Photo: Douglas P. DeFelice

With the Packers still trying to figure out what they have in QB Jordan Love and Tom Brady now entering the backend of his 40s, Jason and Mike tell you why both future Hall-of-Fame QBs have about 6 weeks to prove their worth to elongating their careers.

Jason Smith: “The market for Tom Brady was really low 3 years ago and if Aaron Rodgers plays and he stinks this year, then the Packers are going to eat the money and trade Rodgers. It’s not ideal, but they will see what they have in Jordan Love and draft another QB also. I never thought I would say that right now, but both Rodgers and Brady are playing for their NFL lives the next 6 weeks.”

Mike Harmon: “If Brady is still eager to play and you’re the 49ers, you still don’t know what you have in Trey Lance. What if San Francisco wanted to replace Jimmy Garoppolo with Brady and he came home to San Mateo?”