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Nobody Likes Russell Wilson

Photo: Grant Halverson

Russell Wilson celebrated his 34th birthday party, thrown by his wife Ciara, with only half of the Bronco team attending. Covino and Rich acknowledge Wilson is winning in life, despite the Broncos falling way short of expectations and try to figure out if this is a sneak diss by his teammates and if Russ has actually lost the team.

Steve Covino: “Now there’s two ways to look at this: This is a sneak diss, or, hey you know what, half the team DID show up! I think people are trying to imply or insinuate that its a bad look if only half the team showed up for the star quarterback. There’s some tension in the locker room!”

Rich Davis: “You know what would erase all of this? Winning. No one would be talking about any of this if he was bringing the heat! Are we piling on or has Russ lost the team?”