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Refreshing to Hear Jeff Saturday Take Accountability

Indianapolis Colts v Las Vegas Raiders

Photo: Getty Images

2 Pros and a Cup of Joe find it refreshing to hear Colts Head Coach Jeff Saturday take accountability for his mismanagement of the clock on Monday Night, but they also think Jim Irsay should shoulder some of the blame for throwing a first time head coach on the biggest stage.

Brady Quinn: "I personally love when coaches, instead of doubling down and try to act like they didn't make a mistake, admit that hey, I should have used a timeout there... If Jim Irsay really cared about Jeff Saturday, he would allow him to go get his lumps somewhere else as a coach and learn some of this before he put him in a position where every mistake he makes now is on a national stage and it's for everyone to scrutinize and that's a tough position to be in."