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Colin Cowherd Calls Out Cowboys: 'I Don't Trust Them'

“Colin Cowherd: The Cowboys are always their best when they play the weak or the weakened, and here come the Colts…They (Colts) were a beachball and the Cowboys were a pit bull waiting to pounce on them. If you walk into Dallas a little wobbly, they will knock you out…Dallas is the classic schoolyard bully, they seize on the weak and terrified. When they face top QB’s, real pass rushers, and playoff teams while going on the road the margins shrink. When that happens, I don’t trust them”

The Cowboys win an easy one on Sunday Night Football against the Indianapolis. A game like this is not enough to prove that the Cowboys are contenders. Colin talks about how the Cowboys are not real contenders and they have shown it year after year.