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Colin Cowherd: 49ers Fans Should Be Optimistic About Jimmy Garoppolo Injury

Colin Cowherd: “The word is Garoppolo will be out 7-8 weeks. Generally with pro athletes if I see ‘7-8 weeks’, my guess is more like 6-7 weeks, they’re young and they heal faster than most people. It was a great day for the Niners. His injury actually eliminates the free agent market. If they want to keep Garoppolo they don’t have to bid against anybody with that injury. Secondly, they’re still not paying Trey Lance or Brock Purdy, so if they ever wanted to bring Garoppolo back after he made a big run in the playoffs they ‘could’ in their future plans. When Garoppolo does come back this year, Brock Purdy will have all sorts of reps— he looked pretty good Sunday with no first-team snaps all week. Yesterday was a GREAT day for the Niners [Garoppolo’s injury update]. Seven to eight weeks is the divisional round, meaning he wouldn’t be able to play in the opening round— that being against the Giants, or the Commanders, or the Seahawks; that’s if they maintain the number three seed. They would play at home, they would win those games. With this head coach, this defense, and this run game, when they picked up Christian McCaffrey this was never an offense that asked the quarterback to do really heavy lifting. When they added McCaffrey you have to do even less. Garoppolo has yet to even have a great playoff game, he just outplays people in series. He’s had his moments but hasn’t put together a great game. McCaffrey makes this an easier lift for a quarterback. It’s not like Purdy is replacing Burrow, Mahomes, Allen, or Herbert where you have to have Superman qualities. Garoppolo accurately throws the football and gets along with guys in the locker room – that’s it. I read last night that Purdy was offered by Alabama but he fell in love with Iowa State. He doesn’t have a big ego and delivers the ball, a grown-up, can move a little better than Garoppolo. He’s absolutely going to beat a Giants, Seahawks, or Washington team playing at home if they maintain the three seed.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks 49ers fans should remain optimistic about a Super Bowl run despite reports that Jimmy Garoppolo could miss the next two months of the season with a foot injury.

Check out the video above as Colin details why the 49ers roster is still capable of allowing an average quarterback to tread water long enough for Garoppolo to return to a playoff team still in contention.  

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