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DP Sees Shades of Albert Pujols in Aaron Judge’s 9-Year Deal

Photo: Elsa

Major League Baseball’s American League Single Season HR record holder, Yankees slugger Aaron Judge is signing a 9-year, $360M contract to stay in New York. Dan Patrick reminds us that signing a player over 30 years old for such a lengthy contract just never works out. He predicts they’ll get maybe 5 years of production before he starts to break down and becomes a liability, dragging the team down with his huge salary.

Dan Patrick: “Maybe the next 5 years you get great numbers. I still look at the after-30-contract and I look at Albert Pujols...Tell me when it works out when somebody gets a 9 or 10-year deal. Long term, it just doesn’t work out. You wanted to keep him, you’re the Yankees. The pride of keeping Aaron Judge after the greatest, or one of the greatest seasons of all time, I get it! I understand that.”