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Will Russell Wilson Throw More Touchdowns Than He Has Bathrooms in 2022?

Photo: Rob Carr

Another Russell Wilson meme has made the rounds on social media which details his 4-bedroom, 12-bathroom mansion which some might say describes an odd bed-to-bathroom ratio. Wilson’s drop back in production has accumulated to just only eight passing touchdowns on the season, which leads Covino and Rich to propose a legitimate prop bet:

Steve Covino: “It’s like Russell Wilson lost a step, he’s confused, and he’s missing something. He’s just not the same dude. So, eight touchdowns and twelve bathrooms. That’s an insane stat. Rich, you’re a gambling man! If this was a prop bet of sorts, who is winning —the toilet or Russell Wilson?

Rich Davis: “I have a boring answer! I think it’s going to be a push! It’s going to be 12 places to poop and 12 touchdowns to stand by this year. It’s like, what the hell happened to Russell Wilson?”