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Eric Dickerson: "Sean McVay Can Make Baker Mayfield A Better Quarterback"

Photo: Kevin Winter

NFL HoF RB Eric Dickerson joined Chris Broussard and Rob Parker on The Odd Couple to discuss the Baker Mayfield-led Rams improbable come from behind victory over the Raiders. Chris and Rob ask the Rams’ legend his thoughts on Mayfield’s future in the NFL, what the Raiders need to do with HC Josh McDaniels and so much more!

Chris Broussard: “If there’s an injury concern with Matthew Stafford, how comfortable are you with Baker Mayfield stepping in at QB?”
Eric Dickerson: "Stafford’s health is a concern for me, because he’s older and took a lot of hits in Detroit. But you never really know the entire story about a person’s injury. I think Baker is an adequate backup and who knows, he could be a starter. I got to give credit to him on coming on not even a full day of practice, learning a whole new offense, while doing an unbelievable job on his first night with the Rams. I’m not saying he’s the answer, but I like his grit. I think Sean McVay can make him a better quarterback.”
Rob Parker: "What’s the issue with the Raiders? Should Josh McDaniels be called to the carpet?”
Eric: "Man, most definitely. I’ve said that from the beginning. Josh McDaniels might be a nice guy, but it’s not about being nice, it’s about winning football games. I thought the Raiders were going to be a lot better...but the Raiders didn’t lose to the Rams because of dumb plays. They didn’t put the Rams away. Plain and simple."