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Cowboys Playing Down to Competition is Cause for Concern

Photo: Sam Hodde

Chris Broussard: "I think of all the contenders, the Dallas Cowboys are the most likely to play their F game at any given moment. It could be a regular season game or playoff game, with the Cowboys you just don't know. I think they're going to bring an F or a D or C- game at some point in the playoffs, and that's why I firmly believe they will not get out of the NFC."
Rob Parker: "The Texans have been losing by double-digits all season long for the most part, and this one was a squeaker. The Cowboys played down to their competition. The Cowboys are scary. Scary bad. Not scary good."

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to the Cowboys narrowly defeating the worst team in the NFL this past Sunday. The guys explain why they believe the potential of the Cowboy to lay an egg at any given moment will prevent them from making a Super Bowl run this season.