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Should The Cowboys Be Worried?

Houston Texans v Dallas Cowboys

Photo: Getty Images North America

Dak Prescott and the Cowboys narrowly escaped the upset of the year against the Texans yesterday. The Cowboys beat the Texans in the last moments of the game 27-23. All week, the Cowboys were favored to beat the Texans handily but struggled until the game's final moments. Ben thinks that it might be time to worry about the Dallas Cowboys after this performance:

Ben Maller: “What was up with Dak Prescott and his teammates for the first 59 minutes of the game… this was to be kind...listless and spiritless … there was no attention to detail…Dak Prescott was terrible…Dak was like a cat with 9 lives and got bailed out…Dak had an ME (Emmy) award-winning performance, which means mental errors. He had a lot of ME’s…”