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Jason Smith: Cardinals Should Blow It Up

New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals

Photo: Getty Images North America

Yesterday the Arizona Cardinals lost to the New England Patriots, but they also lost their star quarterback, Kyler Murray, to a season-ending ACL injury. Jason Smith and Mike Harmon discuss if the Cardinals need to be blown up the roster and start over now:

Jason Smith: “ The window for this Arizona team is closed. All right. And you're going to see now players who want to get out and want to go because Kyler is hurt. Who knows when he's coming back? How many more years is DeAndre Hopkins have to wait, right…. They were a team that was built to win. Now, they brought in leadership to potentially help them through the growing pains where they could be a team to compete in the playoffs and get further. Now you're going to see this team being dismantled and players are going to want to go. They're going to have to make trades and get to get younger players in because now you're talking about potentially 2024… Who knows when Kyler Murray is going to come back to play? I mean, that's what's happened tonight with Kyler Murray's injury.”