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Maller: Jones doesn’t trust McCarthy and Prescott with Hilton Signing

Houston Texans v Dallas Cowboys

Photo: Getty Images North America

The Dallas Cowboys have been scrutinized over their win on Sunday over the lowly Houston Texans. The Texans were in it until the end, which is not a good look for the Cowboys. Today the Cowboys signed former pro bowl receiver TY Hilton to help with the passing game. Ben Maller dives into this move to see what owner Jerry Jones is really saying about the team.

Ben Maller:” What Jerry Jones has done here, it's very simple. Jerry has gone into the confessional booth. He has publicly admitted “for Father, I have sinned. Our wide receivers blow and I need help.” And it’s also a confessional in that Jerry Jones, the GM, is admitting that he does not have faith in Dak Prescott. He does not believe in Mike McCarthy. Look, I'm telling you, he does not believe. …I'll tell you what he's admitting by this move. Actions speak louder than words that the Cowboys coach and quarterback are not good enough to uplift the current roster, that Mike McCarthy can't coach them up and Dak Prescott can't get the most out of the talent on the roster.”