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Wright: Purdy Success Says More About Jimmy G

San Francisco 49ers v Denver Broncos

Photo: Getty Images North America

Brock Purdy has been the most popular quarterback to talk about since Sunday when he and the 49ers beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Purdy’s success also says a lot about the previous starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Colin had Nick Wright on the show to discuss this in detail.

Nick Wright: ”This is about Jimmy Garoppolo. Because if we ever wanted to get a case study, then the San Francisco 49ers are a paint-by-numbers offense. We are getting it right now because their quarterback is literally nicknamed Mr. Irrelevant and in that game on Sunday, they looked more dynamic offensively than they've looked at any point with Jimmy Garoppolo. And one other thing that I think this NFL season is teaching us is that the teams and the coaches and the games that try to move off their own quarterbacks, there is a reason for it. The Seattle Seahawks were fine waving goodbye to Russell Wilson. They knew something. The Miami Dolphins tried two separate times to replace Tua Tagovailoa. Now they've said all the right things after that. And he had a great two months. But there's a reason for it. The San Francisco 49ers moved heaven and earth to try to move up to get an elite passer. Because they believed they were getting the minimum from that position and the fact that the 262nd pick of the draft can step in, Kyle Shanahan can say we don't really have to change much if I'm being honest with you. And in fact, what they changed was they added levels to the passing game in the second quarter Sunday, Purdy threw more deep touchdowns outside the numbers than Jimmy has thrown in the last three years. Brock Purdy in one quarter threw as many deep outside the number of touchdowns as Jimmy G has thrown in three years. I think it shows you why the 49ers were so desperate for an upgrade because I do think that team with that defense that personnel and now Christian McCaffrey if they simply have above-average quarterbacking, they're the Super Bowl favorite. “