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Alan Faneca: “Every Player Goes Through Their Own Post-Career Challenges”

Photo: Emilee Chinn

Today on The Doug Gottlieb Show, Pro Football Hall of Fame OL Alan Faneca joined Doug to talk about his illustrious playing career with the Steelers, playing for Bill Cowher and Mike Tomlin, the evolution of the offensive line position and to promote his partnership with SK Life Science for an Epilepsy Awareness campaign called “STEPS Towards Zero. “

You can visit to find more information about Epilepsy and Faneca’s campaign!

Alan Faneca: “I have epilepsy, as well as my oldest daughter, so the disease is near and dear to my heart. So when SK Life Science came to me and asked me to jump on board, I was excited to get out and help talk about it, and help destigmatize it... The campaign is all about educating, inspiring and activating people in the epilepsy community. We’re trying to get people to re-engage with their doctors, go visit their healthcare providers and try and find their path to ‘zero.’ Not everybody can get to zero seizures, but so many people in the epilepsy community go for years on the same medicine and path. But our bodies change, medicine changes and science changes, so you never know what you can get to and maybe you can get to a better life, a better reality and a better you by finding what zero means to you.”