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Jason Smith: “Brock Purdy is a Big Reason Everyone Fears the 49ers”

Photo: Steph Chambers

Jason Smith: “Brock Purdy doesn’t play like a rookie. You can just tell when a guy goes out there and has the right swagger and belief in what he can do. I mean, we’re talking about Mr. Irrelevant here, and compared to guys like Zach Wilson, he looks experienced. He trusts his playmakers, and doesn’t play like a guy who gets slowed down. But, if he does look like teams start to figure him out, he looks composed and trusts his playmakers. You don’t have to dial things back with Purdy at the head of the offense. It’s amazing that we started the year arguing over Trey Lance vs Jimmy Garoppolo, and here the 49ers are: going to the playoffs with Brock Purdy.”
Mike Harmon: “Shanahan has built, and is building, an amazing offense that any QB can plug and play in. The 49ers have a structure of a number of talented skill players who are ready to get after it. Brandon Aiyuk had 2 catches for 19 yards tonight; Tyler Croft made a great play today. I’d like to see the analytics on guys like Brock Purdy, who came into the league with a lot of reps in college, rather than the brand new shiny toy that leaves after 2 years.”

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to the San Francisco 49ers win over the Seattle Seahawks to clinch the NFC West. Is Brock Purdy the answer for the 49ers beyond the season? Listen to the full segment above!