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Jets Still Won't Admit Their Handling of Zach Wilson Was a Mistake

Cincinnati Bengals v New York Jets

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The Jets coach Robert Saleh elevated Zach Wilson to the backup quarterback position behind starter Mike White but 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe believe the Jets are stopping just short of admitting they made a mistake by drafting Zach Wilson in the first place.

Brady Quinn: "I hate the whole thing. I've told you guys since this started that you needed to play the kid. He's not going to grow up. He's not going to mature through practice. There's nothing he's done during practice that has changed anything.
Bottom line, this whole thing is so tough to listen to because you feel like [Robert Saleh] is just coddling him. Come on, dude. Your whole locker room loves your starter [Mike White], and you got to keep answering questions because you moved [Wilson] to the number two spot. By the way, you could have had him be at number two the entire time where he was "benched" and he still could have gotten better in practice and all that stuff. Like, that's the thing that doesn't make sense about it.
What was the point? Just giving him what, a mental break? I've heard reports of people behind the scenes saying he's got the mental yips. What is that? He's having a hard time diagnosing coverage or defenses? Is that what you're trying to say? Well he struggled as a rookie and if you're saying he's struggling now, maybe it's not the yips. Maybe he's just not going to be ready for this when you guys need him to be or maybe he's not the guy. They're so afraid to admit that and I think it honestly has a lot to do with Joe Douglas being so afraid to admit that, because he knows as good as he has built this roster, he's still going to be judged based on that selection."