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Micah Parsons’ Comments about Jalen Hurts Are Just Chum in the Water

Photo: Tom Pennington

Dallas Cowboys LB Micah Parsons appeared on Von Miller’s podcast and he was asked whether the Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts was the reason for their success. His answer has the entire sports world anticipating bad blood between the two when in reality; his comments were actually pretty innocuous. Today’s media will pounce on the flimsiest excuse to start some $#%!

Doug Gottlieb: “This is like chum for some debate that doesn’t actually exist. If we want to debate whether or not Jalen Hurts is the MVP, that’s a good, healthy debate, but what happens is, when Micah Parsons says’s like we’re all in high school again and people are circling up going, ‘Fight, they’re gonna fight? Ooh, fight!’”