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The Lakers Woes Fall On LeBron James and Anthony Davis’ Shoulders

Photo: Kevork Djansezian

Chris Broussard: “I don’t think Russ is the issue. They’ve got to find a way to get some shooting, and if they can find a way to get some shooting without including Westbrook in a trade they’d be better off... The Lakers are the worst clutch team in basketball, with a net rating of -32.5. I don’t care how old LeBron is, he’s still smart and one of the most intelligent players to ever play the game, and you have Anthony Davis who’s playing at an MVP level, you shouldn’t be the worst team in the clutch. I’m putting the Lakers struggles on LeBron James and Anthony Davis, not Russell Westbrook... LeBron should be making the decisions down the stretch, but the decision shouldn’t be putting up a 27-foot 3-pointer at the buzzer.”
Rob Parker: “Anthony Davis can’t be missing free throws, and shoot 82% from the line. He’s not Shaq! He’s been a good free throw shooter in his career, but he can’t be buckling at the end of games... I’ve talked to players and they don’t think LeBron wants to take those free throws to clinch the game. Instead, he’s rather go for the flashy 30-foot 3-pointer for the win.”

The Odd Couple’s Chris Broussard and Rob Parker discuss why the Lakers woes this season fall onto LeBron James and Anthony Davis’ shoulders, and the team can no longer place the blame on Russell Westbrook as they’ve done in the past. Listen to the full segment above!