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Why It's Very Unlikely Tom Brady Returns to Tampa Bay Next Season

Colin Cowherd: “Albert Breer reported that Tom Brady is ‘unlikely’ to play for the Buccaneers next year. It’s hard to leave relationships but when Brady left New England he left A LOT. He left the number one academic organization in the sports— maybe the smartest organization in sports. He left the best coach, a disciplined culture, he left a great owner who became an incredible friend, he left the best offensive line coach, he left Josh McDaniels. Brady left A LOT in New England and it was not an easy decision. What’s he leaving in Tampa? We don’t know if he has the head coaching situation right, the o-line has been banged up all year, his receivers are aging, so is the front seven defensively, and as an organization it’s always been a little squirrelly. It’s much easier to bail on Tampa right now. They’re like turning a really cool rental car in after four great days in Vegas. You really appreciated it, you really liked it, you saw the town, some interesting memories, but you’re turning in a rental car. This isn’t the first car you’ve ever owned. Tom has all the leverage. The Niners are going to kick the tires, the Raiders will probably be interested, he can retire, he has a signed contract to be an announcer at Fox, so Tom has all the leverage. It’s a cautionary tale— it’s what the Cavs did with LeBron, what the Lakers are doing with LeBron, and what the Bucs are doing with Brady. When you decide to build around an aging star, what do they have when he leaves? They brought in Gronk, brought in AB, they got veteran players he could relate to. They overpaid and brought all 22 guys back after the Super Bowl. Now they’re getting old in the front seven, receivers can’t stay as healthy, and the o-line is falling apart. It’s a cautionary tale, now Brady can move on and win a title in San Francisco. Really good organizations rarely get desperate, but Tampa has always been a little sideways and a little goofy. He’s probably not returning. He’s turning in the rental car, there are not a lot of connections here.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he doesn’t think Tom Brady will return to Tampa Bay next season, as the 45-year-old will hit free agency this offseason.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he doesn’t think it’s a hard decision for Brady with a possible Super Bowl hunt in San Francisco potentially on the table, and a post-career with Fox already in play.

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