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David Spade: It Doesn’t Seem Like 25 Years Since Chris Farley Passed

Photo: Frazer Harrison

Actor, Comedian and Podcaster, David Spade joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. The podcast he hosts with Dana Carvey, “Fly on the Wall” has produced a 2-part episode commemorating the 25th anniversary of the death of legendary comedian Chris Farley. He spends the interview reminiscing about his relationship with Farley and recounts some of the incredible hijinks they got up to back in the day.

Dan Patrick: “Who came up with the idea to do a 25th Anniversary (show commemorating the death of Chris Farley)?”

David Spade: “It sort of crept up from the fans that were writing in saying, ‘What are you going to do for this?’ Because obviously Chris comes up in a lot of stories about SNL when we have different hosts on or different cast members, but we haven’t had a show about him.”