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Brady Quinn Explains How Kyle Shanahan Gets Guys So Wide Open

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks

Photo: Getty Images

2 Pros and a Cup of Joe recap the Niners win over the Seahawks on Thursday night Football where Brock Purdy made it look easy, finding George Kittle for two wide open touchdowns.

Jonas Knox: "How does Shanahan do that? Why is he is so much better than everybody else seemingly in the league at drawing plays up to where guys are wide open like Kittle was a couple times last night?"
Brady Quinn: "He knows what personnel to use and what formation, or shift, or motion to use to get you in the exact look he wants... He does as a good of a job as anyone of knowing what you're going to be in and knowing your rules of how you'd coach your defensive guys. When you learn defense at a young age like he did, it helps you know then offensively, how to attack all of that."