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Ben Maller: “Jakobi Myers Should Hitchhike Home!”

New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders

Photo: Getty Images North America

The Las Vegas Raiders and the New England Patriots ended in the most improbable way on Sunday. A routine play for the Patriots at the end of the game ended up winning the game for the Raiders in regulation. Ben Maller has some harsh words for the Patriots regarding the end of that game.

Ben Maller: “Jakobi Myers, If I was running the Patriots and I was allowed to do it, I would have him hitchhike his way back to New England. Not even a Greyhound bus ticket. He would have to hitchhike his way back to New England. Myers did the thing. You can't do it at that time. You cannot do it. Coughed up the old hairball right there playing hero, it reminded me of hero ball in basketball…”