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LaVar Arrington on Colts: “They Should All Be Fired”

Indianapolis Colts v Minnesota Vikings

Photo: Getty Images North America

The Indianapolis Colts had a historic collapse on Saturday against the Minnesota Vikings. The Colts had a 33-0 lead going into the half and ended up losing 39-36 in overtime. It’s being called the largest blown lead in NFL history. LaVar Arrington and Brady Quinn and Jonas Knox discuss whose to blame for this collapse:

LaVar Arrington: “You needed 22 points. You need 22 points to be able to just tie that game, to tie the game, let alone win the game. You need 22 to tie it in the fourth quarter in a National Football League game. Everybody who was a part of that Colts effort coaches and players should all be fired…You gave up that amount of like you can't hold the ball long enough to not let them get three possessions but three touchdown possessions by the way…”