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Raiders Loss Signals Big Changes for Patriots

New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders

Photo: Getty Images North America

The Raiders won in surprising fashion on Sunday versus the New England Patriots. The Raiders tied it up with under a minute left and the Patriots did the unthinkable and turned the ball over with seconds left that led to a defensive touchdown by the Raiders. The year has been a difficult one for New England this year. LaVar Arrington, Brady Quinn, and Jonas Knox discuss what needs to happen next in Foxboro.

Brady Quinn: “Like I think after this season there's going to be a change and I think it must do a lot with the dynamic between Bill Belichick, Mac Jones, Matt, Patricia. Like, I think they want Mac Jones to play “good soldier”. I think he's really frustrated with the situation that he's in right now. He’s also thinking about how it's impacting his career and whether or not you think Mac Jones deserves to think that way about himself, It doesn't matter because I don't think he's wrong. But I think when you look at the fact that he's got Matt Patricia calling plays in his first year, it's an uphill battle in a division where you're maybe the third-best team, or maybe you're not. They're probably the least talented of all four teams in the AFC East. So, they've got an uphill battle as it is. And then mind you, you've got a first-time play caller at any time ever in his life doing it. And I know Matt Patricia's smart. I have a lot of respect for him as a coach and especially, you know, talking through game plans and how he's done stuff in the past defensively. But I don't care who you are, if you've never called plays at any level on the opposite side of the ball, offense, defense, defense to offense, there is an adjustment to make at the highest level. It's so difficult to do and you must think it's toying with Mac Jones’s career and the perception of what he can be as a starting quarterback in the NFL.”