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Colin Cowherd Drops His NFL 'Bet of the Week'

Photo: Mike Ehrmann

Colin Cowherd: “My bet of the week is the Dolphins beat, and beat soundly the Green Bay Packers. It’s nice beating the rebuilding Rams and the Bears. Miami has been told for three weeks that they don’t belong, they stink, and they get 48 hours of extra prep, at home with that super smart coach. That Miami loss in Buffalo was one of the best losses of the year. They outplayed them, they outsmarted them, they out-planned them, they outcoached them, Josh Allen just won the game… Did we make that bet officially??”
Jason McIntyre: “Yeah, you have to wear your hat backwards.”
Cowherd: “For hour 3, Monday, if the Dolphins lose against Green Bay. Is management okay with that??”
McIntyre: “They’re gonna have to be!”

Watch Colin Cowherd drop his ‘bet of the week’ with Jason McIntyre, as Colin is feeling a strong premonition towards betting the Dolphins to not only beat Green Bay this week in Miami, but to ‘beat them soundly.’

The Dolphins opened up as a 4-point favorite against the Packers in the early 1pm ET game of the NFL's Christmas Day triple-header, with Miami clinging to the final no. 7 playoff spot in the AFC, and the Packers now just 1.5 games behind the Commanders for the no. 7 spot in the NFC with three games to go.

Check out the segment above as Colin tells us about a possible bet on the line with him and  J-Mac if the Dolphins end up losing.

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