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The Mets Are Public Enemy Number One In Baseball

Photo: David Berding

Today on The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon, Jason and Steve DeSaegher discuss the Mets signing SS Carlos Correa to a reported 12-year $315 million dollar contract. With Steve Cohen’s deep pockets and huge payroll, the guys explain to you how the Mets are the new Yankees and are now public enemy number one in the MLB!

Jason Smith: “The Mets signing Carlos Correa is unprecedented. They’ve become the ‘Heatles’ of Major League Baseball. They’re the new Yankees because the Yankees don’t spend like the Mets do. Everyone wants them to fail. Steve Cohen is outspending even the richest owners. Not only did they sign a star player, they signed a controversial player. But I don’t care! They are the sport’s biggest villain!”