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The Mets Bloated Payroll Just Gets Bigger with Carlos Correa Signing

Photo: David Berding

The San Francisco Giants reported acquisition of Carlos Correa hit a roadblock because of an undisclosed medical issue, so the New York Mets swept in to sign him. Details are still murky and the holdup in San Francisco is being characterized as ‘a difference of medical opinion’ by his agent Scott Boras, something the Mets are apparently willing to overlook. But with the addition of his proposed $300M+ salary, the Mets are now set to pay more in just luxury tax penalties than the entire team payrolls of 10 other MLB franchises.

Dan Patrick: “Right now the Mets are set to pay about $110M in luxury tax penalties. So, their luxury tax penalties are more than the team payrolls of the Diamondbacks, the Nationals, the Marlins, the Guardians, the Royals, the Rays, the Reds, the Pirates, the Orioles, and the Oakland A’s!”