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JJ Watt Tells Dan Patrick He Had No Idea He Made $900K Incentive Bonus

Photo: Sean M. Haffey

Arizona Cardinals DE JJ Watt joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. He talks about getting drug tested after his 3-sack performance over the weekend, a performance that netted him a $900K incentive bonus he was convinced he didn’t earn until well after the game. He shares the details of the heart condition he has and how it might affect his life and career. And he imagines what his life would have been like had he received an NIL deal while he was a college player at Wisconsin.

JJ Watt: “When I signed my contract down here I knew I had incentives in it, but I thought that when I got hurt last year and I missed last year’s incentives, I thought that took away my incentives from this year...After the game, I see all these tweets saying like, JJ Watt made $900K today...So I call my agent and I’m like, ‘Hey, I see all these tweets man, my dad’s asking me, people are asking me, my brothers are asking me.’ And he’s like, ‘Oh yeah, it’s real...We don’t like to tell you as you get close to milestones because we don’t want you to have it in your head and get in your head about it but yeah, you made $900K today.’”