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Colin Cowherd: "You Can’t Tell Me Safety Is Number One and Add a 17th Game"

The Monday Night Football matchup between the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals came to an awful end after a collision between Tee Higgins and Damar Hamlin left Hamlin unconscious. The world was shocked as Hamlin appeared to stand up, and within seconds, he collapsed on his back. Hamlin remains at a hospital in hopes that he'll recover from what's been reported as cardiac arrest.

In the video above, Colin Cowherd questions the safety of NFL players as the league's greatest fears were realized on national television. While fans and media members complain about targeting and roughing the passer calls, it's moments like these that justify the harsh penalties. But why would a league enforcing such penalties also be okay with preseason or even increasing the number of games played in a season?

"Last night is everybody's greatest fear. Football is much safer than even 10-15 years ago, but it's football. It's large fast men running full speed, tackling one another. And they're getting bigger, stronger, and faster...NFL has to look itself in the mirror. Do we really need a 17th regular season game? I don't like it. It benefits me because it extends the season, but I said when I came out: You can't tell me safety is number one and add a 17th game. Thursday night football...I enjoy it but do we need players playing fatigued? I don't understand preseason football. College football doesn't have it. It's just another 150 collisions for the athletes. If safety really matters, then we don't need Thursday Night Football. We don't need a preseason."