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Did Carlos Correa's Instagram Story Just Reveal Where He's Signing?

It’s been several weeks since San Francisco Giants and Carlos Correa broke off their lucrative contract due to issues with Correa’s physical. Right after in the middle of the night, Correa signed with the New York Mets, only to run into a similar problem.

Many people wondered if the Mets deal will also fall through and if Correa will move on but that doesn't look like the case. Correa took to Instagram to post the following picture with him and his son wearing a (I LOVE NY) t-shirt and his glove with Mets colors on it.

Correa reportedly agreed to a 12-year, $315 million contract with New York on Dec 21 after his contract with the Giants fell through due to concern with his medicals. 

After the Mets reportedly expressed a similar concern as the Giants, Correa's agreement with New York has been put on hold since Christmas Eve as the two sides continue to work out the issue.

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