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The Jets Are Making A Mistake Standing By Zach Wilson

Photo: Sarah Stier

Today on The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon, Jason and Mike discuss Jets HC Robert Saleh standing by QB Zach Wilson. Saleh states he’s going to stand by Wilson though ‘hell or high water’ and Jason and Mike think this is going to be a bad idea and see the Jets signing Jimmy Garoppolo at a discounted rate next year!

Jason Smith: “Robert Saleh and the Jets have set the bar so low for Zach Wilson. The guy just isn’t good. They are going to think it’ll look really bad to move on from Wilson, give him one more chance and then go out and get Jimmy Garoppolo at a discount because he won’t have many suitors.”

Mike Harmon: “Unfortunately, all of these draft picks haven’t worked. At some point you’ll have to recognize this isn’t working or you can’t trust the situation.”