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The Buffalo Bills Super Bowl Window Has Officially Closed

Photo: Bryan Bennett

Jason Smith: “I’m just going to say it because It'll sound weird, but the window for this Bills team to win a Super Bowl is closed. It’s not a case of ‘they need this’, or ‘they need that’… They got embarrassed at home against the Bengals who exposed them for all of their shortcomings. The Bills had a great run the last three years but they need huge changes to become a Super Bowl team. Cincinnati exposed them, their offensive line stinks. They need a need receiver, when you shut down Stefon Diggs you shut down the Bills offense. And that’s just the offense. The defense has been alarmingly bad in the playoffs. Skylar Thompson nearly pulled a comeback win last week, and Joe Burrow comes out and slices you up in the sleet. Are you going to re-sign Jordan Poyer? They need so many changes. They’re a great regular season team, that’s who the Bills are, but in the playoffs against the top teams they can’t win. Your run at being the default team atop the AFC east is over because everybody below you is getting better. The Jets are a quarterback away from challenging you and winning the AFC East. The Dolphins could have done it this year if Tua Tagovailoa was healthy for most of the season. The Patriots are finishing around .500 and could get a quarterback. You drafted a running back in James Cook and you still had a tough time running the football, your offensive line [isn’t good], you have too many problems and your window to win the Super Bowl is closed. There needs to be a way to revamp this team now because you’re paying a bunch of guys, and how do you do it like the Chiefs did it when they paid Patrick Mahomes? This era of the Bills being a Super Bowl threat is done, the window is closed. They need to completely remake this team. They always thought ‘well, Josh Allen will bail us out!’, but when you do that Josh Allen turns the football over. He wasn’t the same quarterback this year that he was last year. This is a Bills team who has gotten as far as they can with ‘this.’ Stefon Diggs is going to be 30, you’ve tried to figure out the running back position, your defense is getting old, your defense line is not effective… It’s not a tear down, but your window to be this elite team is closed now. The Jaguars will take the Bills place in the ‘elite’ window.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith of Fox Sports Radio explain why he believes the Buffalo Bills Super Bowl window is ‘closed’ with this current group featuring Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs.

Check out the audio above as Smith details why he thinks the Jaguars are going to replace the Bills atop the AFC food chain alongside Kansas City and Cincinnati.  

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