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Steve Wilks’ Lawyer’s Insinuation of Racism Seems Far-Fetched

Photo: Grant Halverson

Former Carolina Panthers Interim Head Coach Steve Wilks’ lawyers are claiming there is a ‘legitimate race issue’ after Wilks, who is black, was passed over for the full time position in favor of a white coach, Frank Reich. Doug just doesn’t see it, believing the Panthers simply found the guy they wanted regardless of race. While Doug isn’t discounting claims of racism throughout the NFL, he just doesn’t think this is one of those instances.

Doug Gottlieb: “Does (Steve Wilks) happen to be black? He does. Is that the reason? I believe it has zero to do with it. Nothing, nada...I don’t believe for one second that Scott Fitterer, who finally gets a general manager job, gets a chance to hire his own coach, and he sits there and goes like, ‘You know, he’s better but I’m going to take this guy ‘cause he’s white.’ That just doesn’t happen. It just doesn’t, not in 2023.”