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Tom Brady’s Retirement Is the Only Story Today


Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady released a video this morning announcing his retirement and that’s all anybody is talking about today. Most pundits were still considering him to be the front-runner to take over for the San Francisco 49ers after Brock Purdy’s elbow injury which could sideline him for up to a year so this really came out of the blue, so much so that Dan was dubious when he first heard the report. Once he saw the video Tom posted, Dan knew there wouldn’t be room to discuss much else today.

Dan Patrick: “We were all geared up to talk about the Denver Broncos. It was going to be their day, let’s ride! And then all of the sudden I go, ‘Fritzy, I’m sorry, might not be spending as much time on the Broncos as you’d like there...'”

Todd Fritz: “Tom Brady does it again.”

Dan: “Yeah! You got Sean Payton, even the Texans with DeMeco Ryans! They were going to be part of the conversation today and they got kicked to the curb by Tom Brady.