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JJ Watt: “Don’t Argue About Tom Brady’s GOAT Status”

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans

Photo: Getty Images North America

Dan Patrick: “Were you mad at Brady cause he’s gonna steal your thunder at the hall of fame? You were the headliner, or you would have been!”
JJ Watt: “I appreciate that kindly, but I think it’s cool to be retiring at the same time as the greatest of all time…”
Dan Patrick: “So you think Brady will get in?”
JJ Watt: “I think he’s got a shot, he might sneak in there…first time? He’s got some accolades.”
Dan Patrick: “What if Rodgers retires?”
JJ Watt: “He will also make it, I think. I think he’s gonna make it too.”
Dan Patrick: “Where are you on the totem pole?”
JJ Watt: “Oh, bottom. You gotta have a ring. I don’t have one. Those guys both got ‘em. I mean, Tom has more rings than any team in the NFL. It’s literally insane. Like, anybody tries to argue…my tweet to him after his retirement was like ‘greatest of all time, no debates no argument’ and people tried to argue. Shut up, no! You’re an idiot.”

Dan Patrick talks with future hall of fame DE JJ Watt about fatherhood, a speech that will haunt him forever, his various injuries during his career, his plans for retirement, his thoughts on both the teams playing in the Super Bowl, his feelings towards Brady’s retirement and his GOAT status, and much more!