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Fred Warner: Playing Christian McCaffery at QB Was Crazy

Photo: Lachlan Cunningham

San Francisco 49ers LB Fred Warner joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show live from Phoenix, Arizona, site of Super Bowl LVII. Dan let’s Marvin ask a question and he tries to take over the interview. Dan regains control and talks to Fred about hearing the news that they’d acquired Christian McCaffery and what he was thinking when they had to play him at quarterback in the NFC Championship. Plus he admits he encouraged Dre Greenlaw to approach Tom Brady for an autograph after their game.

Dan Patrick: “(Josh) Johnson goes down, Brock (Purdy) goes down and you see Christian McCaffery is your quarterback. He’s got the armband on and you’re thinking what?”

Fred Warner: “Oh boy! Yeah dude, it was as crazy of a situation as I’ve ever seen.”