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Sean Payton: Hard to Pay Elite Quarterbacks and Still Win

Freshly hired Broncos HC Sean Payton joined The Doug Gottlieb Show LIVE from Radio Row at the Super Bowl in Glendale, AZ. Payton discussed his return to coaching, how technology will improve and advance the NFL in the future, the struggle of balancing the salary cap with QB contracts and what he’s looking to do in order to bring the Broncos back to relevance. 

Sean Payton: “I don’t think there has ever been a QB that won a Super Bowl on a mega-deal contract. We saw New England do it, but Tom Brady was taking a discount… Ultimately, there’s a pizza pie at a party with sections. Let’s say there are seven of you at the party, and the big guy has to eat half of it. So, there has to be a happy medium there. When we [The Saints] won, Drew [Brees] was on an early deal. When Russell [Wilson] won, he was on an early deal. Philadelphia had a couple guys on early deals the year they won… I think it’s a delicate balance, so when you go back to Brady, one of the best things he did was recognize the importance of winning, and that winning would be first and foremost to his legacy.”