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WATCH: Rihanna Praised Patrick Mahomes After Press Conference Prank

Rihanna praised Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes after former NFL wide receiver turned media personality Brandon Marshall pranked him into thinking the music icon called him the "greatest quarterback ever."

“I am so sorry you went through that [Patrick]. I still think you're great," Rihanna said in a video shared by Marshall, who explained the incident to her, on his I Am Athlete podcast account. "[Brandon's] a hater!”

Mahomes, who won his second Associated Press NFL Most Valuable Player award on Thursday (February 9) night, is set to make his third career Super Bowl appearance on Sunday (February 12), which will feature a halftime performance from the Barbadian singer.

During a press conference on Wednesday (February 8), Marshall told Mahomes that Rihanna had called him "the greatest quarterback ever" ahead of her performance, which yielded an excited reaction.

"It makes me feel great," Mahomes responded when asked by Marshall how the singer's praise made him feel. "She's gonna crush it at halftime. I have family members that I think are more excited about the halftime show than they are the game and so whatever Rihanna says is like the gospel so I'm glad that she went with me for that honor.

"She didn't, I'm just messing with you," Marshall interjected while laughing.

"Oh man, you got me up here smiling and smirking," Mahomes responded.