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Chris Broussard: "Patrick Mahomes is Already the Third Greatest QB Ever"

Photo: Ezra Shaw

Chris Broussard: "Patrick Mahomes is already the third-best quarterback ever. If he retired tomorrow, in my view, Tom Brady is the GOAT, Joe Montana would be second, and Patrick Mahomes would be third. The first 6 years of his career have been unlike any we have ever seen. He's the first person ever to win multiple championships and multiple MVPs in the first 6 seasons of a career, and he only played in 5 of those season."

Chris Broussard believes the Super Bowl 57 performance and win for Patrick Mahomes already solidifies him as the third-greatest quarterback of all-time, with a chance to eventually become the greatest to ever play the position. Rob Parker acknowledges Mahomes' greatness, but isn't ready to put him that high on the all-time list just yet.