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The NBA All-Star Game is the Worst All-Star Game

Photo: Jason Miller

Doug Gottlieb: "The NBA All-Star Game is the worst of all the All-Star Games because it should be the best. It's because of my expectations, and I think I have reasonable expectations. There is zero reason that you can't play hard and play a real basketball game. There is only the slightest increase in likelihood of you getting hurt from playing hard, and even then, numbers will show you that it never happens. The Slam Dunk Contest should be the best of any skill competition, but when LeBron thumbed his nose at it and never did it in his prime, everything changed."

Doug Gottlieb explains why he is consistently disappointed with the NBA All-Star Game. Doug looks ahead to this weekend's All-Star festivities and breaks down why he sees the NBA's game as the worst All-Star game of the major sports.