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Jason Smith: "LeBron is Done Winning & Only Cares About Individual Goals"

Photo: Tim Nwachukwu

Jason Smith: “I have a real issue with this statement, and it’s not the ‘this is the most important 23-game stretch of my career’... he’s just trying to motivate his team with that comment. I have an issue with the second part where he talks about ‘how it’s not in his DNA’ in regards to breaking the record, and instead it’s about winning and championships. Oh, so now he’s about winning? He hasn’t talked about winning for two years, because I told you, he’s done winning. He won in 2020, the team hasn’t been good enough, so he’s moved on to individual goalposts in his career. The individual goals: winning a scoring title, playing with Bronny, passing Kareem, getting to 40,000 points, etc. He hasn’t been about winning in 2 years, because he would’ve played more, he took games off for load management. Where was all of this the last two years, or even this year?”
Mike Harmon: “No, because the last two years it’s been excuse making. He complained about not having shooters, and made these deals all of a sudden. The fact that they can no longer blame Russell Westbrook, everyone has now put on the rose colored glasses thinking him and Anthony Davis are going to be healthy and dominate for 23-straight games.”

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to LeBron James’ comments about winning, and the importance of the last 23-games for his career. Jason and Mike aren’t buying his comments, because it’s clear that he’s faking about caring in order to appease his critics. Listen to the full segment above!