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Jason Smith: "The Cowboys Have Officially Put Dak Prescott on Notice"

Photo: Thearon W. Henderson

Jason Smith: “With what we’ve heard from the Cowboys in the last 24 hours, Dak Prescott is in his last season with Dallas if he doesn’t step up. He’ll be gone after this season. So, Dallas in the last two days has been linked to QB prospects. It was reported they are ‘intrigued’ by CJ Stroud, but it’s likely that Stroud could be the second pick in the draft, so jumping up from #20 to #2 would probably difficult. The other QB they were linked to today was Hendon Hooker, it was reported they did a lot of research on him. Hooker is coming off of a torn ACL, and probably would’ve been a first rounder if it wasn’t for that. But with a lot of guys being taken early this year, Hooker will slide down to the back end of the first round, or early second... So here’s the takeaway from this: Dak Prescott is in his last year of put up or shut up, or else he’ll be on a different team in a year. His contract is not as nearly as complicated with money as someone like Aaron Rodgers... If the Cowboys wanted to part with a 30-year old Dak Prescott after this year, a team would definitely be down to do that. This is the Cowboys putting a warning on Dak.”
Mike Harmon: “This is the last of the prohibited years, so yeah the Cowboys are looking toward the future. And really, they should be anyway. Dak is unfortunately one of those guys on the poster board, who ends with ‘...’ Part of it was roster construction... but for Dak, this is it.”

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon discuss the future of Cowboys QB Dak Prescott. With reports of the Cowboys looking to potentially draft a QB in the first few rounds, both Jason and Mike believes the Cowboys are putting Dak on notice, saying they’ll move on if he doesn’t perform. Listen to the full segment above!