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LaVar Arrington: The Long-Term Strategy for Washington and Eric Bieniemy

Kansas City Chiefs Media Availability

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Today on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, LaVar Arrington shares his theory on why Eric Bieniemy accepted a lateral move to be the Offensive Coordinator of the Washington Commanders.

LaVar Arrington: "If you're making him the OC and the assistant head coach, it says to me if Eric Bieniemy can show and prove that he can run this organization and make them a successful team on the offensive side of the ball, he will indeed be named the head coach of the Washington Commanders."
Jonas Knox: "So you think Rivera is planning to step away and this leads to Bieniemy getting the opportunity?"
LaVar Arrington: "Absolutely. It's a win for everybody. If Eric Bieniemy can be the coach that everybody expects him to be, or has proven to be, then Ron Rivera can walk away."