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Russell Wilson May Have Just Convinced Aaron Rodgers to Stay in Green Bay

Photo: Gregory Shamus

Jason Smith: “We’ve talked about 3 choices for Aaron Rodgers: staying with the Packers, going to another team or retiring. There’s no way he’s retiring, and up until today, I would’ve said there’s no way he’s staying with the Packers. But after today, and the report on Russell Wilson, I’ve changed my mind a bit... What have we seen in the times since Wilson went from Seattle to Denver? You’ve seen no real support from former teammates saying how great of a teammate he was, you’ve actually seen quite the opposite... If I’m Aaron Rodgers watching this, I’m thinking, ‘Man, look at all of these stories that have gotten out about Russell Wilson that I wouldn’t want to get out.’ Rodgers sees this, and thinks, ‘is this going to happen to me?’ I don’t think Aaron Rodgers wants any of this stuff to follow him if he were to go to another team.”

With stories about Russell Wilson having friction with former Seahawks teammates have come out, Jason Smith and Mike Harmon feel that Aaron Rodgers might see this as a warning sign to not leave Green Bay. Listen to the full segment above to hear why!