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Ruling is Made in Case Against Wrestling Legend Jeff Hardy

Professional wrestling legend Jeff Hardy's license will be suspended for 10 years and he will get 38 days credit for jail time served as part of a plea in a DUI case stemming from a June 2022 incident, the Wrestling Observer reported Thursday (February 23) night.

Hardy, 45, reportedly submitted a written plea of nolo contendere, agreeing to accept punishment while not accepting or denying responsibility, in relation to the charges of DUI (third offense), driving under a suspended/cancelled/revoked license and driving while his licenses was restricted stemming in Florida on June 28, 2022. The wrestler pleaded not guilty and faced up to five years in prison for the third offense DUI charge, while the other charges were considered to be misdemeanors.

Hardy's sentence was obtained by the Wrestling Observer through Volusia County court records and includes:

  • A 38-day county jail sentence with 38 days credit for time served
  • Two years probation
  • $4586 in fines and court fees
  • A 10-year suspension of his license 
  • Two years with an interlock device and 90-day vehicle impoundment
  • Court-mandated DUI school or drug rehab program
  • Community service

On Tuesday (February 21), an attorney representing Hardy filed a motion to suppress breath test results claiming they were unreliable as the Intoxilyzer wasn't inspected by the Florida Highway Patrol during the month prior to the arrest, which violated a Florida Department of Law Enforcement rule that states all equipment needs to be "inspected by an agency inspector at least once each calendar month."

The defense also argued that the equipment used during Hardy's arrest exhibited "significant signs of unreliability" during tests and inspections, however, wasn't fixed or removed by the department. The 45-year-old was reported to have blown a 0.294 and 0.291 during two roadside BAC tests, both of which far exceeded Florida's legal limit of .08.

Hardy was immediately suspended by All Elite Wrestling without pay upon news of his arrest and said to only be allowed to return to the company "upon successfully completing treatment and maintaining his sobriety." AEW wrestler Matt Hardy, Jeff's older brother and longtime tag-team partner, said Jeff was "doing great" during the latest episode of his Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast shared on Thursday.

"He just wants to get this all behind him," Matt Hardy said via "Y’know, they feel like they’re in a pretty good position because he’s done like, all the work necessary. Rehab for many, many days. He did outpatient treatment for months. He has really dedicated himself and he’s committed himself to getting better. And the biggest barometer — my biggest judge — is how happy his wife is with him and where his life is. Every time I’ve talked to him, he’s been very good, very positive.”

Matt Hardy also said his brother was "on board" with expanding their brand "as business goes."

"He just wants to get it all behind him and try and right his wrongs," he added. "He’s just, so to say — I can’t really compare these because they’re different things — but he’s ready to like pay his penance and move past it and begin anew.”

Jeff Hardy has not publicly commented on whether he intends to return to pro wrestling since his arrest. The North Carolina native made his AEW debut in March after being released from his WWE contract in December and completed a 90-day non-compete clause period before being able to sign with another televised wrestling company.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter's Dave Meltzer reported Hardy was ordered and refused to attend rehab following an incident at a WWE house show on December 4, 2021.

Hardy was reportedly aware that he'd be punished in some way if he refused to attend rehab, which eventually resulted in his release, according to Meltzer.

On December 9, 2021, initially reported WWE released Hardy after offering "help and rehab," which "was not accepted."

Hardy's wife, Beth, denied the initial reports on Thursday (December 9, 2021) via Twitter.

"Jeff is good. We are good. Post that you 'heard' that. Thanks," Beth Hardy tweeted, which was later retweeted by her husband.