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Dan Snyder's Pettiness is Targeting Jeff Bezos

Washington Redskins vs Dallas Cowboys - September 19, 2005

Photo: Getty Images

LaVar Arrington, Brady Quinn and Jonas Knox react to reports that Dan Snyder is "banning" Jeff Bezos from bidding on the Washington Commanders, but he truth is Snyder is employing every tactic he has left to delay the sale and potentially keep the team.

Jonas Knox: "The fact that he's still there and we're still having these conversations, it just goes back to the original point. Not only does he know where the bodies are buried, he knows who's responsible for all of those bodies in the league because why the hell is he still the owner of the Washington Commandos?"
LaVar Arrington: "I firmly believe he would never sell that team. Like you will have to pry that team from his his dying last breaths in his body to get that team from him because he loves that team that much... He's always shown he's a fighter. If there's one thing that you can appreciate about the dude, he's going to fight to the end for what it is that he's trying to get done."