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2 Pros and a Cup of Joe Share Tales From the NFL Scouting Combine

2013 NFL Combine

Photo: Getty Images

As the Scouting Combine gets underway, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington give you a backstage pass into what it's like to be poked, prodded and tested all week long as an NFL prospect. 

Jonas Knox: "When you guys got to combine week, how soon in did you realize, this is kind of strange?"
Brady Quinn: "Weigh-ins for me. Just a bunch of dudes in their their skivvies outdoors, stepping up to a scale being measured in front of a bleacher full of men. It was at that point, I was like, this feels pretty awkward. And I'm not sure this is gonna make a huge difference in where I personally get drafted, based on my position."
LaVar Arrington: "You're dreaming about this job interview your entire life. You're sitting there thinking about how many great players have gone through this process and then you hear about the workout warriors and the people who showed out the right way. You just do not want to make a mistake and they may be joking around with you, hazing you or messing with you."